The fireworks in the sky is a sight that is enjoyed by most of the people around the world. The fireworks lighting up the sky symbolizes celebration of an event or any happy occasion. In a lot of traditions around the world, the fireworks are considered auspicious and are a great way of bonding between the people. In some countries the fireworks are used on special occasions such as festivals whereas the fireworks are common place when celebrating sporting success or any other successful venture. There are a variety of fireworks from different manufacturers available in the market and each of these fireworks vary from others based on their characteristics as well as price. Let us have a look at some of the popular fireworks that made the headlines in 2018 and were most commonly used by people to light up their celebrations.

List of most commonly used fireworks

The different fireworks have different sales based on their popularity amongst the masses. Some of these fireworks have average sales whereas some others are more popular and sell like hot cakes during celebration events. The cakes aerial is one such fireworks that is extremely popular with the people as these are special categories of fireworks because these fireworks create stunning and gorgeous long-lasting effects.

These fireworks are named after cakes because their shape resembles of a cake and it is essentially packed with roman candles that are inter-connected in addition to the aerial shells. These fireworks come with tube devices as well as high-velocity fuse. The good thing about these fireworks is the fact that they are packed with extreme care and precaution in order to ensure the safety of the people.

One of the outstanding features of the cakes aerial fireworks is the fact that it lights up the sky for a prolonged period of time, which runs into several minutes thus creating a stunning display in the sky. The long lasting unraveling of these fireworks is one significant characteristic that distinguishes these fireworks from the other fireworks.

Some of the other popular fireworks that were widely used in celebrations and other events in 2018 include Bold city, Great American value pack, Mob madness, 196- shot barrage candle, Comet storm, Immortals, Two if by sea and Hammer of thunder amongst others. Let us have a brief look into some of these fireworks and see what they are about.

The bold city fireworks come with angled comets of blue color which flank the volleys of the sparkling mines and the vibrant aerial breaks. It is one of the unique fireworks in the market and is loved by people which proves its popularity amongst the masses.

The great American pack is another package of fireworks that is purchased and used extensively by the people. One of the things working for the great American pack is the fact that it offers value for money for the customers. These fireworks comes in a set of 4 packs in the form of fountain each of which are supposed to last approximately 40 seconds providing glitter, pearls and crackle. This might not be the most fancy firework on the list but it is loved by the people nonetheless.

The mob madness is a fantastic set of 4 packs which contains 500 grams of repeater components and it delivers amazing variety at attractive prices. Each of the firework in these sets is unique as it provides different effects, colors and durations per use. These fireworks cost about $30 each and they come in attractive as well fine packaging. These fireworks are popular owing to its variety and good pricing.

The 196-shot barrage candle is another popular product when it comes to the best selling and the most popular fireworks of 2018. This firework is colorful, fun and fast and it only costs about $12. The duration of each of the shots fired from these fireworks lasts about 40 seconds creating nice view of vibrant colors in the sky. This product provides one of the best value for money for the customers and thus it is no surprise it is flying off the shelves very quickly.

The comet storm is another extremely popular fireworks product in the market. The reasons for the popularity of this firework product is because it provides stunning comets, crackling mines, a dash of the glittering strobe and golden brocades accompanies by colorful stars. This fireworks are a piece and they need to be seen to really admire the amazing colors it produces.

The hammer of thunder is arguably the best and the most popular fireworks product that you can find in the market. These fireworks come with a pack that has twenty four of the highest quality and the biggest effects that you can find on any fireworks. These fireworks are absolutely gorgeous and they will sure light up the skies delightfully on any occasion you want.